The first and only token by the entertainment industry, for the entertainment industry!

Introducing $SIMP, a token designed to power trust and transactions for entertainment stars and their communities.

$SIMP already has the backing of many of the big stars within the industry. Our Brand Ambassadors will be pivotal in both the marketing and future development of the project.


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Real World Use Cases

$SIMP will be fully integrated onto both PocketStars and RocketStars within 1 week of our launch. That’s 300,000+ active users of $SIMP!

Token Overview

$SIMP is a frictionless farming token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. $SIMP will allow creators to accept crypto as payment for their premium content, tips and monthly or annual subscription charges. Operating on the BSC will allow for near instantaneous transactions and virtually no gas fees!

From launch, $SIMP will become the primary currency on established entertainment platforms, PocketStars and RocketStars. We plan to integrate with other established platforms in the future to make $SIMP the currency of choice across the entertainment industry!

How to Buy

Buy SIMP on PancakeSwap


The SIMP Contract Address:

We recommend setting your slippage to 12%

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